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I, Pia have owned English Springer Spaniels for over 20 years, and I have during this time breeded Springers Spaniels, which has done well in the diciplince showing, obidience, tracking, and they are excelent hunting dogs.My little kennel is located in the west of Sweden, and I breed the classic English springer-types. I place great value on breeding healthy, and mentaly stabil dogs with good exterior, good hunting abilities, and of course are all my dogs free from HD, their eyes are checked and clear, and all my dogs I use for breeding are free from Fuccosidosis. I was the first kennel in Sweden that had all my dogs tested, and apperently the first one to DNA-check Swedish springers at all.
Me and my daughter Pethra Axelsson, are breeding and training horses on a farm in Dalsland. We also accept other people's horses for education and riding.

I started riding in 1970 at a friend, whose parents were engaged in a riding school. I got my first horse from my parents in 1979, which was then an unriden 3-year-old gelding that I later competed in show jumping up to 1.20 and also made a few entries in Cross country. I also had with him when I went RIK 0. During the early 1980s, I worked a period as grooms and educated me to beconme a farrier in a former military trainer farrier education. I worked for some years as farrier before I became an accountant.
In 1989, we had the first two mares foals, of which I kept one mare, which I later rode, and also competed a little before I took foal from her.
Over the years, there have been a number of foals that I have kept such, an approved shettland stallion.

Pethra started riding at the age of three, and has competed in show jumping up to and including 1.20, Cross country up to and including CNC * and M dressage.
She is also a District Championship winner for juniors in Cross country and District Championship winner for seniors in dressage (when she was still YR).
Pethra has also worked as a groom for a period in Germany and as an employee at Hööks equestrian store in Uddevalla, before she too studied to be an accountant.




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