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Hunting Habit's Octopussy

Hips free, eyes clear, fucco free.


Hunting Habit's Octopussy

DoB 2004-01-04 

(redmarked dogs are tracking- or showchampions)

AUCH Alhambra Oliver Reed
NUCH Alhambra Kenneth Branagh
AUCH Alhambra Vanessa Redgrave
Hunting Habit's Ivory
NUCH Inu-Goya Barley Brew
NUCH Hunting Habit's QS Miss Bonney
LP NVCH Woodbay Quest's Summertime
NUCH Mompesson Have Fun
SVCH Hunting Habit's Judgement Day
Calvedale Moon and the Stars
SVCH Hunting Habit's Key to the Future
SVCH NUCH Calvedale Crimewave
Hunting Habit's MB Ebony Girl
NUCH Hunting Habit's QS Miss Bonney

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