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Hunting Habit's Vanity Fair
She is hipscore A, eye tested clear and from fucco-free lines. She is shown with HP-result.
I have mated Hunting Habit's Vanity Fair with NUCH SU(u)CH NVCH Zelini's West Side Story, and got five dogs and two bitches. All black/ehite/tan or brown/white/tan.  
Hunting Habit's Vanity Fair
DoB 2007-12-15

Formes Canis Gutta Cleavehill Witch's Brew Cleavehill Rocka Fella GBSHCH Shipden Chuckberry GBCH Bomaris Moonlight Gambler
Snow Bride of Shipden
Caraday Sweet Emily Caraday Capricious
Caraday Dark Saphire
Cleavehill Just Like Witch Cleavehill Loyal Spirit Cleavehill Tri-True Spirit
Cleavehill Adorabubble
Eastriding Keyboard Kate Cleavehill Sleigh Ride
Eastriding Ebony and Ivory
S VCH Cleavehill Ella Louise Eastriding Black Tuxedo Cleavehill Sleigh Ride Jennich Just Came to Me
Cleavehill Adorabubble
Eastriding Ebony and Ivory Cleavehill Tri-True Spirit
Chetruda Yorkshire Rose of Eastridi
Cleavehill Tri-True Bliss Cleavehill Tri-True Spirit GBSHCH Cleavehill Yorkshire Spirit
Jennich Just For You at Cleavehill
Cleavehill Adorabubble Cleavehill Hop-Scotch
Cleavehill Trickie Situation
S VCH Hunting Habit's New Horizon S VCH NUCH Calvdale Crimewave GBSHCH Wadeson Inspector Wexford GBSHCH Speeton Seafarer ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Wadeson Ruth Rendell GBSHCH Drakespur Different Strokes at Wade
GBSHCH Wadeson Jessica Fletcher
AUCH Coorigil Constellation GBSHCH Skilleigh Tan Sandy GBSHCH Calvdale Campanologist
Skilleigh Brigadonna Tanzy
GBSHCH Coorigil Northern Dancer ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Hunting Habit's Lady Isabel NUCH Alhambra Kenneth Branagh AUCH Alhambra Oliver Reed AUCH GBCH Bomaris Envoy to Shipden
AUCH Wongan Dynasty
AUCH Alhambra Vanessaredgrave AUCH Clanach Union Jack
AUCH Alhambra Vivien Leigh
NUCH Hunting Habit's Qs Miss Bonney NUCH Inu-Goya Barley Brew GBSHCH Bowswood Barley Corn
NUCH Coorigil Silhouette
N VCH LP Woodbay Quest's Summertime Brigadoon Galore's Ancestor
Törnåkras Queen Anne

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